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Delicious cooking with Ename Abbey Ham!Very soon we’ll put some local recipes online, specifically created for Ename Abbey Ham, in our recipe section. But of course you can use Ename Abbey Ham in every incredibly delicious recipe you find online in which prosciutto is a tasteful ingredient. We’ve selected a couple of recipes we came across on the web of which we were quite impressed! Check ‘m out!
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Van Hoe Products NV - Company History.Van Hoe Products nv has a very rich history that goes back for over 4 generations already, and that’s something we’re quite proud of, together with the dedication to preserve the original and traditional values wich have always been a top priority. That’s why Ename Abbey ham remains the one and only true abbey ham. We’ve collected some old pictures to show you how it was ‘in the old days’, and how it is today.
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Discover the true taste of Ename Abbey Ham.We’d love to take you on a little tour to explain you all about the process the Ename Abbey Ham undergoes before it becomes a delicious slice on your sandwich or a tasteful cube in a fresh summer salad. We’ve documented a few key steps of the treatment to show you how Ename Abbey Ham gets its full and rich aroma and true unique taste!
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